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Storm weary Danish team at the finish line of the second leg of the Nord Stream Race from Copenhagen to Stockholm.

The Danes were a little luckier than the Finns: one and a half fighters out of five laid up.

As for the Finns, two thirds of their crew were struck by the sea sickness - they even had to find shelter in a quiet harbour and wait it out.

The Germans and Russians turned out to be the strongest ones. Ours led the race about halfway through.

"On the last stretch because of the storm our forepeak hatch ripped out and we got a ton of water in the bow," recalls the leader of the Russian team , Sergey Musikhin. - We lost ground to the Germans but managed to hold on to second place. I had to dive in the bow of the boat to somehow fix the damage.

Despite this, Russia still leads the overall standings with a solid lead as the boys won the first leg of the regatta and won both coastal races.

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