«Star Wars»

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»Russia's Alexei Selivanov and American Jim Rev kin (on rudder) on the first day of the «Star Class World Championship, which takes place in Sardinia from June 13 to 23. The story of the international crew's formation is very beautiful: in 2012 during the Kiel regatta, Alexei Selivanov pulled Joshua Revkin , Jim's stiff-necked son, out of the water whose boat had capsized. Through Joshua, the Russian got to know and befriend Revkin Sr. By the way, Joshua Revkin also participates in the world championship in the class «Star», at which this picture was taken: he is racing in a pair with the distinguished Norwegian Eivind Melleby (Eivind Melleby ) and is performing very well - after winning the third race they are in second place overall.

Russia will be represented at the championship byPorto Cervo represents Russia on the boat Beda crew Alexey Zhivotovsky - Lev Shnir . « Zvezdochka» with Russian tricolor is on 29th place out of 63 - her best arrival was in the third race where she came close to the top ten, becoming twelfth.

Class «The star» in Russia has a long history. At the 1980 Olympics in Tallinn,Valentin Mankin on the yacht Eskimo took the gold medal in this class. In the Soviet years, the fleet «Zvezdnyi» in our country had about 200 boats, but with the collapse of the Union and the removal of the class from the Olympic program in 2012, its popularity has declined dramatically.

Today the «Stellar class» is experiencing a second birth. A Russian class league has been organized, and the Russian championship is being held. The fleet of the class includes 13 yachts. This year the number of boats participating in regattas is expected to grow to 27. There are talks of holding an international stage of the Star Sailors League - the most prestigious regatta of the class - in St.Petersburg in 2020.

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