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The brand Black Pepper produces lifting keel sailboats and one-design racing keelboats. There are 5 models currently in production ranging from 7 to 12 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Black Pepper and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Black Pepper Model Range

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Company history

The founder of Black Pepper, Michel Douville de Franssu, came into this business from a completely different area, and only the name of the company reminds us of his past. De Franssu was involved in the transformation of aromatic materials for perfumery and worked with coffee, cocoa, vanilla and pepper. His company had productions all over the world, while sailing was just a hobby. In 2006 De France sold his scent ┬ź┬╗business and opened a company in Madagascar. The company built motor boats and was named Black Pepper.

In an attempt to enter the regional market of the Indian Ocean, de France sold about 50 boats in 4 years and realized that his expensive product can not cope with competition.

So he decided to switch to sails. In 2008, Code 0 came out. The carbon boat with a vintage look was developed together with Romaric Neyhousser and built at the Larros shipyard. 2013 saw the release of Code 1, designed by Marc Lombard. Around the same time, Black Pepper acquired the Bahama Boat brand, which was the basis for Tender 24, created in the spirit of Chris Craft in the 30s. In 2015, a 60-foot Code 2 was released, guessing IMOCA 60 design elements, and in 2016 a new Code # debugger, designed by Lombard, was launched. Over the years, the shipyard has built over 40 yachts of which about 80% were sold in France.

Status .


Production .

The Black Pepper production facility is located near Nantes, the company's representative office is also located near Paris in Paris.Boulogne-Biancourt. The company has dealers in France, Britain and Greece. Apart from building boats, Black Pepper is also engaged in yacht charter and refitting.

Model range

The Black Pepper range includes Code's premium sailing yachts with a Mediterranean cockpit in a carbon composite hull 8-18 m long, as well as Tender motor boats 7 m long.


Black Pepper yachts are distinguished by their bright appearance and unusual combination of vintage and super modern design. The yachts are made of carbon, but have a traditional teak finish.

The shipyard uses only top brands of materials and components.

The creators of Black Pepper emphasize that the elitism of their yachts is not only in exterior and expensive decoration, the main thing in the concept is speed, lightness and comfort. And comfort in style of modern racing yachts.