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The brand Gunfleet produced center cockpit sailboats. There are no current models in production but you can learn more about the production of the brand in “Discontinued models“ section.

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Story .

In the sailing world, the Gunfleet brand is not yet awe-inspiring - the company is new enough. But it is worth finding out who is behind the creation of these central cockpit yachts as the eyebrows rise up. Gunfleet Marine owes its launch in 2010 to Richard Matthews himself, the man who created Oyster 40 years ago.

Rumour has it that after the sale of the Oyster in 2008, 60-year-old Matthews was at peace, but not here. In 2010, he founded the new Gunfleet Marine yard, the backbone of which was formed by former Oyster specialists. And yet, Gunfleet is not Oyster. Based on his personal experience, the fanatical yachtsman Richard Matthews decided to build special yachts. Firstly, they have to be modern, sophisticated and large. Secondly, they have to sail well in the open sea and allow to stop in beautiful places close enough to the shore for safe enjoyment of the scenery. That's why Gunfleet is known for its low draft.

The Gunfleet Marine office is located in Fox M«arina», Ipswich in the former Oyster premises. And production is located in the same location where Oyster was previously built - the Windboats Marine facility near Norfolk. Gunfleet Marine is not engaged in serial construction, but works with specific customers of boats.

Production .

The shipyard has stopped working.

Model range

The first in 2011 Gunfleet launched 43 models. It amazed everyone not only with its lifting centreboard capabilities, but also with its modern design, interior space and many interesting solutions by Tony Castro, who designed this and other Gunfleet models, including the flagship Gunfleet 74.

Launched in 2015, the Gunfleet 58 has been named Best Boats Flagship by American Sail Magazine and in Europe the 58th has been nominated as Yacht of the Year.


Built in fiberglass with Kevlar and carbon fibre reinforcements, Gunfleet Marine's central cockpit yachts are designed for couples going on long voyages with a few friends to join.

The concept of the yacht does not just allow you to go on Gunfleet, but to fully organize life on board.

Practically everything is provided for this: from spacious rooms, to conveniently planned and most maintainable consoles and control systems.

Tony Castro has brought many new chips «to the Gunfleet design. The shipyard's pride is the steering system and, in fact, the Fightdeck steering post with a full set of necessary instruments.

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