Shipyard Vivante


The brand Vivante produces displacement yachts and steel yachts. There are 2 models currently in production ranging from 16 to 17 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Vivante and contact us for sales and pricing information.

The Vivante lineup

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About the shipyard Vivante

Company history

The Dutch shipyard with the Italian name Vivante is little known outside the country. However, as the nation of the founders of yachting believes, handmade Vivante boats are an excellent example of quality, durability and seaworthiness. The shipyard is located in Sneek in the region of Freesland - the land of friezes, legendary shipbuilders and seafarers. The strategy of this small company is to occupy its special niche. «We strive to stand out with design, materials and style, to do something more and different from others. Each of our yachts is individual. You will not find another boat of the same kind,"»says Regina van Straten, CEO of Vivante Yachts.

Manufacture .

The production volumes of Vivante yachts may seem very small, but the company does not chase quantitative indicators, giving preference to quality, and absolutely in everything. On shipyard it is accepted to involve the customer as much as possible in process of designing and building. The prices for these custom-made boats are expected to be high, however the customer pays only for what it really needs - here will not impose superfluous options and services. There is no doubt that such boats are always priced in the secondary market as well.

Model range

Vivante steel cruisers are available in lengths from 13 to 17 m. There are versions with raised wheelhouse, hardtop and open models, boats with aft cabin. The interior spaces, despite their relatively small size, have excellent ergonomics and functionality for a comfortable stay on the yacht.

Features .

The company's boats are quite versatile and show off well both at sea and on inland waters. In the last decade they have become a kind of iconic yachts in Holland and Northern Germany among those who need not only comfort and style, but also speed.