Shipyard Buster


The brand Buster produces aluminum boats and outboard boats. There are 23 models currently in production ranging from 3 to 10 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Buster and contact us for sales and pricing information.

The Buster lineup

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About the shipyard Buster

History of the company

Finnish company Inha Works Ltd produces aluminum boats and boats since 1955. Over the years, the company has become one of Europe's largest manufacturers of recreational boats. The Buster brand entered the life of the company only after 20 years - a short and speaking name was offered by one of the advertising agencies with which the company cooperated. For many years, the Buster brand belonged to the Finnish corporation Fiskars. In 2016, the latter sold Buster to Yamaha Motor Europe N.V., which worked closely with Inha Works.

Production .

The shipyard is located in the small town of Ekhtyari, in Southern Ostrobothnia. The company employs 150 people, 30 of them are engaged in metal working.

During its activity the company has built more than 125 thousand boats and most of them are on the move.

The Scandinavian countries remain Buster's main market - Finland, for example, accounts for about 18% of the company's sales, and in Sweden every eighth boat sold is Buster. Buster boats are also actively exported to Germany and Norway. The company has an extensive network of dealers in Europe.

Model range

The length of Buster boats varies from 3.88 to 9.5 m. Most boats in the range are open, but there are also cabin models. All boats are equipped with outboard engines with power from 2 to 700 hp.

Some names of the models from the Buster line are reminiscent of the international designations of sizes of clothes from S to XXL. The range includes Mini models, recreational S (Simple Summer Fun), multifunctional M (Multifunctional), day cruisers L (Light and Lively), sports boats XL and XXL, cockpit boats Cabin and Magnum Cabin, and fast Magnum and Supermagnum.

In 2019 Buster Phantom Cabin was nominated for the title of European Powerboat of the Year in the category up to 35 feet.


Buster takes pride in making reliable, versatile, easy-to-operate and service-friendly boats. Quality of hulls the company guarantees own technology of manufacture AHT (Aluminium Hull Technology by Buster). In 2018 the company introduced the mobile application Buster, which allows integrating the boat with a smartphone.