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Italy, Venice

Adriatic Marine Group srl

Viale Ancona 14/E Bis, 30172

Model range

The brand Ocean King produces displacement Yachts and steel Yachts. There are 6 models from 26 to 41 meters in the current model range from 2 lines: Ducale and Explorer.


Company history

The products of Ocean King Italian shipyard are designed for those who value reliability and safety the most and love to travel long distances. Her boats on the outside are like sea tows - powerful, brutal and impenetrable.

This is no wonder, if you remember the history of the shipyard: for 30 years it built boats for government orders, which included tankers, barges, tugboats and supply vessels of ocean and ice classes.

They sail the oceans all year round, day in and day out, despite the bad weather.

As a result, the company's management decided to transfer the accumulated experience to the private sector, especially since many ship owners appreciated the advantages of low fuel consumption by exploiters. This is how the new Ocean King brand appeared.


The shipyard is still working today.

Production .

The shipyard has its own shipyard located on an area of 36,500 sq.m. in Chioggia, Italy. The shipyard has production facilities, assembly halls capable of accommodating boats up to 60 m long and a 230 m berth for berthing and servicing vessels. The company also has a floating dock with a capacity of up to 1500 tons.

Model range

The company offers semi-custom variants and models constructed completely under individual projects in length from 25 to 45 m. Under the brutal appearance of Ocean King hides the luxury of an expensive superyacht. The models of this brand have a large living area, which the client can plan and furnish to his taste.

The recently launched Ducale line differs from its predecessors by a more modern look. Boats have received panoramic glazing of superstructures and more open spaces for relaxation. But the basic concept of Ocean King Shipyard has not changed - the company produces displacement boats in Explorer class steel.

Features .

Ocean King's motor yachts are powered by reduced commercial MAN engines, which can be operated around the clock without stopping for fear of overheating. These motors are not only reliable but also economical.

Also the company gives special attention to safety. All boats are built according to RINA (Italian Maritime Register) or Bureau Veritas.

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