Shipyard Rupert

Sweden, Stockholm

Rupert Marine Production AB

Kungsholms Strand 175, 11248

The brand Rupert produces center console boats and rigid inflatable boats (ribs). There are 13 models currently in production ranging from 5 to 25 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Rupert and contact us for sales and pricing information.

The Rupert lineup

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About the shipyard Rupert

History of the company

Rupert Marine, a Swedish manufacturer of high quality RIBs, was founded in 1996 by Thomas Rønnberg. It was the first Swedish shipyard to start building boats of this type. The main customers of Rupert Marine are power and rescue structures as well as private customers. However, Rupert, having gained valuable experience in the production of boats, did not stop at the production of RIBs. In 2012, the shipyard announced the opening of a new division, Rupert Yachts, which is building a completely new range of motor yachts for the company. The first of these, the semi-deck 25 metre Rupert 80, was delivered to the owner in 2013. In 2014, Rupert Marine was forced to declare itself bankrupt, with a sharp drop in sales due to the global crisis. Today, however, the Rupert brand is back in business, thanks to the efforts of tireless Rønnberg.

Manufacture .

Rupert boats are manufactured in Oakersberg, near Stockholm. The overwhelming majority of models are custom-built, including those boats ordered for professional use. Any vessel passes thorough quality control and rigorous sea trials. Each client of the shipyard is guaranteed a personal trip. Due to the latest economic turmoil, a more flexible pricing policy emphasizes small models and lightweight basic«equipment». This in no way diminishes product quality.

Model range

RIB boats from Rupert form 4 families. The Rupert series includes open and cockpit boats 6-15 m long. The Rupert R Series is available in 5.2 to 8 m models, each of which is available in three versions, depending on the chosen seat layout and other options. These boats can also be successfully used as tenders. Tenders & Yachts combines the seemingly incompatible: custom tenders for specific superyachts, sports boats as well as the company's new development, the closed Rupert 80. The Military&Rescue series presents very popular boats for police, army, rescue and other organizations whose work is related to the sea.


Despite the quite large number of clients (several hundred), Thomas Ronnberg remembers the name of each of them. Once a customer of Rupert Marine, users tend to become adherents of the brand: in all the time the business has existed, only a few customers have sold their Rupert boats and have not bought a new one from the same manufacturer.