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The brand Cape Scott produced expedition yachts and trawlers. There are no current models in production but you can learn more about the production of the brand in “Discontinued models“ section.

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Company history

Cape Scott Yachts, a young Canadian shipyard, manufactures steel autonomous expedition yachts and trawlers. The founder and president of the company is Dan Fritz, who once made a fortune in the real estate and hospitality markets and is also known as the founder of another Canadian shipyard, Queenship (1992).

In terms of the total number of boats produced, D. Fritz can be considered one of the most productive private Canadian yacht producers. The design and main features of Cape Scott's boats have been influenced by the specifics of shipping and the harsh nature of British Columbia, Canada's Pacific coast region. Vessels are built in accordance with Lloyd's Register requirements and belong to IC ice class. They are excellent even for transoceanic crossings and polar visits.

«We study how yachtsmen use their boats and see a surge in ecotourism. We would like to meet these demands. People want to do yachting in atypical regions where only fishing and cargo boats are usually found. In such places, conditions and infrastructure are not always optimal. But with our yachts you can go anywhere and do it safely,"»says Jim Hawkins, vice president and co-founder of the shipyard.

Production .

Cape Scott yachts are produced in partnership with the Vietnamese Song Thu Corporation, which is part of the Vietnamese Ministry of Defence. Construction is underway in Vietnam at Song Thu's new shipyard in Danang, which has extensive experience in manufacturing industrial vessels of various profiles for customers around the world. Improved safety and survivability of Cape Scott vessels are ensured by the construction of reinforced steel hull reinforced with 25-30 mm thick armour on certain sections, protection of external engine elements, as well as five waterproof and fireproof bulkheads and at least four emergency evacuation systems.

Model range

The yard's expedition yachts are represented by 13 functional models of 17.7 to 41.7 m length with steel hull and aluminum superstructure.

Features .

The company claims that their boats are the safest in the world, and their design and production features give no reason to doubt the reliability of Cape Scott yachts.

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