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The brand Boreal produces aluminum sailboats and deck saloon sailboats. There are 6 models currently in production ranging from 13 to 22 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Boreal and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Boreal Model Range

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Company history

«Six years sailing around the world with 4 children gives you an idea of what's important on board,"»says Jean-François Delvoye, founder of Boreal.

This 12-meter yacht trip culminated in two years spent in Patagonia. When Delvoie returned home, he decided to use his experience to design the perfect boat for his future voyage. So, in 2005 the Boreal company appeared.

«I wanted to build a strong, versatile, sea and anchor-friendly, fast, easy to use anda boat service that makes you feel at ease in Kausa Harbour, Polynesian lagoons and Antarctica.

The first two yachts of the new brand were sold at the design stage. One of the first Boreal 44s went to Jean-François Eeman, whom Delvoie met a couple of years before on a pontoon in Ushuaia. In 2009, Eman joined Boreal as Commercial Director and Delvoie focused on project development.

The shipyard was recognized and Boreal 44 was named the best boat of 2010 in France. Boreal 52 was soon named European Yacht of the Year 2015 in the Blue water cruiser category. In 2018, Boreal 47 was voted Best Boat at the Annapolis Boat Show.

The status of the shipyard

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Production .

The company's office and production base are located in the west of France in Brittany, near the town of Treguerie. The shipyard can produce up to 20 yachts per year. Delivery time 18-24 months from the moment the contract is signed.

Model range

Boreal builds all-weather sailing cruising yachts in an aluminum hull from 44 to 78 feet.


Boreal is a reliable yacht for long-term cruising in the harshest conditions. The yacht's hull is also designed for ice areas, thanks to the reinforced bow and watertight bulkheads in the bow and stern. The anchor winch on Boreal is mounted at the mast and can be used to lift the mainsail or man. The stationary deckhouse with panoramic view and navigating position is indispensable for comfortable watchkeeping. Even in the smallest details, Boreal yachts demonstrate the considerable experience of their creators: for example, when the switches in the living rooms are pressed for the first time, the red light turns on, and only when the second is pressed for the second time, the white light turns on. The layout of Boreal's living areas and interiors is designed to be safe, so the interior volumes are slightly smaller than expected on yachts of the same size.

Boreal boats for sale
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