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Model range

The brand Kite Alike produces electric and Hybrid Boats and tender Boats. There are 1 model 9 meters.


Company history

Kite Alike brand was created by Italian company Sea Technology (later Ecoline), under which small hybrid boats were produced. The shipyard was engaged in the development of technologies and the production of boats with minimal environmental impact.

As a result, the shipbuilder presented several models in high-tech style. The company managed to realize its idea of economical boats capable of speeds up to 35 knots in mixed mode if necessary.


The production of boats under the brand name Kite Alike has been completely stopped.

Production .

The boats were built at Sea Technology factory in Cremona. Models were designed by the famous Italian studio Marino Alfani Design. Architects of the bureau also worked on boats Rio Yachts, Benetti, Icon Craft and other leading shipbuilders.

Model range

The range includes superyacht tenders, designer runabouts and hybrid boats from 7 to 9 metres in length. All boats presented by Kite Alike are made of lightweight fiberglass and are capable of running on an internal combustion engine and an electric motor in separate or combined mode.


Kite Alike has developed a new concept in boat design, which represents a breakthrough in terms of external aesthetics and technical features of the hulls. Attractive and modern lines are in harmony with the new, specially designed hull form. The special feature of the boats is the reduced water resistance during movement. Hull friction against the water surface decreases with increasing speed, unlike similar models from other manufacturers.

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