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Regulator Marine Inc.

The brand Regulator produces fishing boats and outboard boats. There are 9 models currently in production ranging from 7 to 15 meters. The current model range includes 2 lines: Offshore and XO. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Regulator and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Regulator Model Range

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Company history

In 1988, the residents of the American city of Edenton, Joan & Owen Maxwell began building their first boat within the walls of an abandoned commercial warehouse. Work on the concept was so thorough that it lasted three years. First, everything was done by hand. Secondly, although Maxwell's wife invited one of the best U.S. naval architects, Lou Codega, to work with her, they tested and adjusted every detail by hand to achieve the ideal.

The legendary Regulator 26 was launched in 1991 and immediately received the title of best centre console boat from Sport Fishing Magazine. Since then, the range of boats has expanded and new technologies have been introduced, but one thing remains unchanged: every boat is still made by hand, all details are carefully adjusted and undergo the strictest pre-sale checks.

Status .

It works.


The production site is located in Edenton, North Carolina, on the shore of Albemarle Bay. From the hangar to the nearest water about five kilometers, their boats overcome on trailers.

«Anyone can build a boat that will accelerate to 100 km/h. But it is important that at high speed it remains smooth, controlled and predictable. Regulator understands what quality is. Each boat is built according to a set of standards. And they know what their clients want because they know how to listen. This is what has earned the Regulator a reputation as one of the best central console boat builders,"»says naval architect Lou Codega, naval architect.

Model range

The shipyard produces boats with a central console from 7 to 12.5 m long for comfortable fishing. On a site of the company there is a configurator, allowing «to construct» own Regulator on the basis of base models. The client can choose equipment, as well as colors of the body, motor and other details.


Tested in the challenging waters of North Carolina, the Regulator boats offer excellent stability and handling, smooth running and maneuverability without sacrificing speed or comfort.

The strength is ensured by a proprietary system of longitudinal beams made of composite materials, joined to the hull in a single unit using a special adhesive. All joints are filled with special foam that reduces noise, eliminates creaking and guarantees absence of leaks. Engines Regulator are established on brackets so resistance decreases, and power, on the contrary, increases and allows to accelerate safely in any conditions.

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