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Model range

The brand Guymarine produces fishing Boats and outboard Boats. There are 2 models from 6 to 9 meters.


The history of the company

The history of the Guymarine Shipyard, founded in 1983, began long before production began. Back in 1948, when the son of a common sailor Guy Ocqueteau trained as a carpenter, he started his own shipbuilding company Ocqueteau.

Throughout the next 35 years the enterprise gradually developed, new production technologies were introduced. In due course the shipyard has passed from use of a tree for building of cases to modern fibreglass plastic. It has allowed to reduce essentially building terms and to reduce cost of a final product that has given an essential push to development of the enterprise at the end of 60th years.

In the 80s, Patrice Ocqueteau, son of Guyu, together with his father, launched the new Guymarine brand, which took up the niche of small motor boats for leisure and fishing. In the following decades more than 5000 boats were produced under the brand name and the company managed to change several owners.

Status .

Today Ocqueteau Shipyard and Guymarine brand belong to the French concern Fineloc Boating, they were bought back by them in 2013.

Production .

Guymarine boats are assembled at the Ocqueteau factory in Le Chateau d'Oleron. White Shark boats are built here, this brand also belongs to the concern. The company is equipped with the latest technology, and many outside companies use the plant's facilities to produce both individual parts and for a full production cycle.

Model range

Under the brand Guymarine fiberglass boats with outboard engine from 5 to 7.5 meters long are produced. These are rugged, simple and functional boats for fishing. The shipyard is located on the island of Oleron, surrounded by troubled waters, so the boats of the shipbuilder are prepared to work in harsh conditions.

The range includes hardtop and closed cabin boats and SUVs with a trawler cabin. For lovers of breeze rides or fishing on a warm day, there are open models with a central console.


The Guymarine boats are extremely robust and reliable. The hulls are manufactured using a unique technology developed by the shipyard in 2000. Thanks to vacuum infusion (Infused Fiberglass Hull) it is possible to almost twice increase service life of the hull, thus to reduce weight and increase resistance to damages.

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