Builder Nordkapp Boats

Norway, Borgenhaugen

Frydenbø Boats AS

Jellestadveien 30, 1739

Model range

The brand Nordkapp Boats produces bowriders and outboard Boats. There are 13 models from 6 to 10 meters in the current model range from 5 lines: Avant, Enduro, Gran Coupe, Noblesse and R.


History of the company

Nordkapp Boats was founded in 1967 in southeast Norway in Sarpsborg. The boats of the shipyard were known from the very beginning for their navigability, safety and functional design. But this did not save the production from financial difficulties, and in 1973 the company was closed.

The right to manufacture some models was sold to the Norwegian competitor Alicraft, which continued to produce boats until the 80s. However, in 1986 the shipyard also faced problems and went bankrupt.

In 1992, ambitious young entrepreneur Ronny Antonsen, aged 23, acquired the Nordkapp trademark and resumed production of boats. To create fresh designs, Espen Thorup was invited to join the team, who is now also successfully working with the Bella, Sting and Flipper brands.


Since 1999 Nordkapp moved its production to Poland, which allowed to reduce assembly costs without loss of quality and contributed to further growth and development. The shipyard currently produces fiberglass and aluminium boats from 5.5 to 9 metres in length.

Model range

The shipyard's range includes 4 lines - Avant, Enduro, Noblesse and R-series. Avant models are represented by bowriders with panoramic safety glass. Enduro - open fast and maneuverable boats with control console. The Noblesse range includes Caddy Cab boats designed for one or two day cruising. The R Series consists of popular models from other lines in aluminum.


Despite the small size, the boats behave confidently in any climate and even in severe weather conditions. The combination of all the advantages and the Scandinavian quality allowed the brand to take a leading position in the market.


In this section, you can download scanned articles about the shipyard published in the mass media, an overview of its model range, price lists for the models, and other materials.

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