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Westdijk 36-09 3752 AE Bunschoten-Spakenburg, Netherlands

Model range

The brand DutchCat produces enclosed Yachts and power Catamarans. There are 1 model 12.6 meters.


Company history

DutchCat, a young Dutch shipbuilding company, presented its first boat at the end of summer 2016. The shipyard decided to focus on the market for economical catamarans and launched a small stylish multihull with an unusual design.

Designers and naval architects were invited to create the project. Vripack and RCD, famous for their work with the world's shipbuilding brands.

The stellar composition of the designers and traditional Dutch quality have allowed the company to make a loud statement.

At the first exhibition in Düsseldorf, the catamaran was nominated for the title of European B«oat 2017. Although the multihull was not among the winners, it was a good advertisement for a start-up company.

The shipyard is now establishing a dealer network that will need to cover the whole world. An agreement has already been made with Avalon Yacht, which represents DutchCat in the Chinese market. The shipyard is also part of the HISWA Orange Yachting Group.


The company continues to work and annually takes part in significant exhibitions for the world of yachting.

Production .

The small DutchCat has not yet acquired its own production facilities and uses the services of the renowned Dutch shipyard Zaadnoordijk Yachtbuilders with a 70-year history. Her services are also used by Wajer Yachts, C-Yacht...Centaur and others.

The shipyard produces boats using various technologies, which requires a lot of experience from specialists. The shipyard is located in the north of the Netherlands in Heerenveen.

Model range

The Dutch have set a high goal to build the best catamarans that are easy to operate, reliable and comfortable for their owners. Such a task is not in a hurry, that's why there is one motor cruising catamaran in the model range of the company - 12-meter DutchCat Twelve, but the producers have worked on it.

The hull of the catamaran is available in two versions. In Sport modification with a pair of Yanmar 4BY3 engines the multihull can reach 22 knots. The hull in variations of Comfort is designed for more quiet travel. The boat is delivered with electric motors or in hybrid modification.


Each DutchCat can be sharpened under its owner. The future owner is offered the opportunity to participate in the interior design from design to layout.

The boats of the shipyard provide the owner with a wide choice of routes for travelling. A small draft will allow entering almost any water area. Also the small size in width opens access to the narrow French system of channels, where the locks are usually only 5.2 meters wide.

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