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The brand Lund produces fishing boats and outboard boats. There are 38 models currently in production ranging from 4 to 7 meters. The current model range includes 10 lines: Alaskan, Angler, Crossover, Fury, Impact, Pro Guide, Pro-V, Rebel, Renegate and Tyee. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Lund and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Lund Model Range

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The history of the company

In 1948 Howard Lund built his first aluminium boat for duck hunting. Since then, his boats have become famous throughout Minnesota. The secret to Lund's success was his experience and skill - he worked for a long time in shipyards.

When a salesman from Inland Marine Corp. asked Howard for 50 aluminium boats, the Lund Boat Company took on regular boat production.

The shipyard started working in the same small town where Howard Lund was born - New York Mills.

By the way, to this day, more than half of the city's 1100 residents work at Lund.

In 1961 Howard reorganized the company into Lund Metal Craft, Inc. and expanded the range of fiberglass boats. With the acquisition of Shell Lake Boat, the yard became more versatile, launching a new line of family and sports boats.

In fishing competitions, Lund boats have been trusted by several generations of U.S. fishermen.

Shipyard founder Howard Lund said: «If you see an aluminum boat in Minnesota, it's Lund.


It works.

Production .

Since its inception, the shipyard, like its administrative office, has been located in New York City Mills, Minnesota, USA. Approximately 600 people work at the shipyard.

Boat hulls use aluminum 5052 H34, which offers the perfect balance of strength, weight, hardness and flexibility, as well as glass fiber for durability and reliability. In all its boats Lund uses foam with closed pores. The shipyard provides a lifetime warranty on the hull material.

Model range

The company produces fishing boats and outboard motor boats up to 7 meters long. Boats of Baron, Sport Angler, Fury, Pro series are designed for family fishing, while boats Adventure and Tyee are indispensable for sport.

All boats have what is known as the SportTrak system, which allows the installation and movement of rod holders, glass holders and brackets to any place along the side of the boat. Similarly, the ProTrak system makes it easy to attach the boat cover to the outside of the boards.

Features .

Although the company uses glass fibre in modern boats, it is aluminium 5052 H34, which was originally used in the production of the first models, that is still the hallmark of Lund boats.