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Route du Phare de Pouldohan - Route de Grignallou, Trégunc, 29910

Model range

The brand IDBmarine produces aft Cockpit Sailboats and lifting Keel Sailboats. There are 6 models from 6 to 11 meters.


Company history

The first Malango 870 was built by Denis Bourbigot and presented at the Grand Pavois exhibition in 2005. The boat was received with interest by the public and then the young boat builder over a mug of beer in the pub offered his friend Dominique Gouze to create the IDBmarine shipyard. Already at the end of the year, the new company had its first order.

In 2011, Edouard Pascal Benois bought a stake in the growing business and took over the role of CFO and began to improve the equipment of the models produced. Denis Burbigue is technical director, he is responsible for the development strategy and recruitment.


It's working.

Production .

The company's production facilities are located in Finister. The small factory consists of only two workshops. In the first one fiberglass cases are cast, and in the second one assembly is carried out. Annually, up to 20 new boats descend from the shipyard slipways.

Model range

The company builds ascetic but productive sports keel monotypes, more comfortable sports cruise yachts, sailboats with lifting keel and models with Mediterranean cockpit.

Features .

IDBmarine boats are quite simple inside, but their main task is speed. And on this parameter they succeeded, sailing boats of the shipyard were often among the winners at various regattas. At the same time, the models will interest the lovers of exclusivity: each hull is produced for a particular customer, not «stamped» for the future.

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