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Cyprus, Limassol

Karnic Powerboats Ltd

16 Alpeon Street, Ayios Silas Industrial Estates, 4193

Model range

The brand Karnic Powerboats produces center Console Boats and outboard Boats. There are 18 models from 4 to 12 meters in the current model range from 6 lines: Cabin Cruiser, Center Console, Closed Cocpit, Cruiser, Smart1 and Sundeck.


History of the company

The Karnic shipyard in Cyprus began operations in 1993 and has followed a strategy of consistent development from the very first days. The shipyard first entered the small boat segment for day trips on the water for domestic consumers. By 1997 the company had expanded its product range to include marine boats and the following year it entered the international market. 10 years later the company added more serious cruise boats to its model range.

Status .

It's working.

Production .

Until the 2000s the company rented production facilities, but the millennium old Karnic Shipyard met its own shipyard. During the global crisis, the company used the accumulated reserves and focused all its efforts on increasing market share as well as expanding production. As a result, capacity doubled by 2012 and a network of dealers was developed, which covered all European countries as well as Russia, China, Thailand, Australia, South Korea and some Latin American countries.

Model range

Nowadays, the model range includes more than ten boats divided into six lines. The Smart1 and Center Console series consists of small boats with central console and outboard engine. The Sundeck range includes boats with caddy cabins, Walkaround deck layouts and wide aisles.

Models Closed Cockpit - cabin boats with hardtop and closed salon. The Cruiser range is the largest of the shipyard's range, the cabin cruiser boats for two or three days cruising in close family circle or with friends.

Features .

The company offers boats in the most popular segment among customers, where everyone can choose the best option for themselves. In terms of design and quality, Karnic competes with leading European shipbuilders. Many technologies and solutions are unique and were developed by the shipyard's engineers.


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