Builder Dale

Great Britain

Dale Sailing Company Ltd

Brunel Quay, Neyland Marina, Pembrokeshire SA73 1PY

Model range

The brand Dale produces semi-Enclosed Yachts and semi-displacement Yachts. There are 7 models from 7 to 15 meters.


Company history

Campbell Reynolds founded Dale Sailing in 1961 in the seaside village of Dale in southern Pembrokeshire (UK). But he had a wealth of experience long before that. His ancestors were closely connected to the sea for eight generations. They worked as sailors, ships, serviced beacons and did not forget to pass the accumulated knowledge from generation to generation.

Campbell himself and his sons kept a small clothing store for sailors and yachtsmen, and in his spare time was busy repairing boats. With the arrival of the GRP industry, the family mastered new material and built Dale Princess, which launched the new brand.


It's working.


In the 1980s, the old shipyard's capacity was exhausted and the plant was moved to Neiland. Around the same time, Dale Sailing established a partnership with the famous TT Boat Designs. The modern facility is equipped with direct access to water and has one production hull.

The real pride of the shipyard is its carpentry workshop. The quality of the finish is impressive: every detail is adjusted manually and the wood is covered with several layers of lacquer and polished to a mirror shine.

Model range

Dale Sailing builds boats made of fibreglass in a classic style from 7 to 14 meters long. These include designer motor yachts, models with closed and semi-closed saloons and fairly rare Aft Cabin (with a cabin aft). The most compact models of the yard are central console boats and classic runabouts.


The shipyard is still a family business, where centuries-old traditions are carefully preserved. Each boat, as it was many years ago, is handmade and the quality of workmanship is respected. Even after more than half a century, the first Dale Princess is actively used by the owner.

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