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The brand Alva Yachts produces hybrid yachts and power catamarans. There are 8 models currently in production ranging from 15 to 28 meters. The current model range includes 2 lines: Eco Power Yachts and Sailing Yachts. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Alva Yachts and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Alva Yachts Model Range

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History of Alva Yachts

The German brand Alva Yachts emerged from the PICA Yachts in 2020. By that time the team already had six years of prior expertise in crafting electric-powered sailing and motor yachts, which is why Alva Yachts carries forward a legacy of innovation and sustainability.

Current status

Having already launched over 40 boats, their commitment to eco-friendly technologies is unwavering, bolstered by strategic collaborations with industry giants Fisher Panda and Volkswagen.

Production of Alva Yachts

At the helm of design and development is the renowned HENNDESIGN design bureau, led by Mr. Holger Henn, who is also a co-founder of Alva Yachts. The building process takes place in Germany, ensuring the highest quality standards.

Alva Yachts fleet

Alva Yachts specialises in luxury motor cruising catamarans and luxury sailing yachts with a hull length of up to 27.5 metres. These vessels utilise hybrid or all-electric propulsion, while the lightweight composite materials enhance hull efficiency. 

Features of Alva yachts

One of the brand's standout features is its incorporation of solar panels, seamlessly integrated into the yacht's design, showcasing a commitment to modernity and sustainability. Unlike competitors, Alva Yachts prioritises spacious solar battery areas without compromising the vessel's aesthetics.

In its designs, Alva Yachts expertly addresses noise pollution, with advanced engines and soundproofing materials ensuring a serene onboard experience. A cruise on any Alva Yacht promises a soothing symphony of wind and waves rather than the noise of a diesel engine.

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