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Model range

The brand Laneva Boats produces electric and Hybrid Boats and tender Boats. There are 1 model 8 meters.


Company history

Lanéva Boats, a young shipyard, emerged at the end of 2017. It originated as a startup with the support of the MonacoTech business incubator, which was founded by HRH Prince Albert II. Already in early 2019, the company unveiled its first project, and in the spring it was ranked among the top 10 innovators from MonacoTech by Forbes magazine.

The shipyard is working in the promising direction of green technology for the yachting sector. The range includes all-electric superyacht tenders. The boats can freely go up to 50 nautical miles without recharging. This is not only sufficient for taking passengers from the boat to shore but also for smaller journeys.


In operation.


Lanéva Boats' production facilities are located in a small factory in Italy. The shipyard is still in the development stage and all production processes are done in a single workshop.


Lanéva offers an environmentally friendly product. The hulls are made of wood, linen fiber and cork, and the finishes are made from recycled materials. There is also an advanced recycling and disposal programme for used lithium-ion batteries. In parallel, work is underway to develop the company's own electric motors.

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