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The brand Monterey produces bowriders and outboard boats. There are 21 models currently in production ranging from 6 to 13 meters. The current model range includes 3 lines: M, Sport Boats and Super Sports. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Monterey and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Monterey Model Range

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Company history

Monterey Boats was founded in 1985 in Lacrosse, north of Orlando, Florida, by brothers Charles and Jeff Marshalls. The new shipyard was launched under the motto Quality«, Design, Ease of Use!

The company started with two 19-foot boats. After 2 years the firm corrects design of boats, performing them henceforth in more habitual for Europeans Mediterranean style. Now it is style Monterey. A very sharp nose, licked corners of boards and crinoline are typical features of Monterey«,»especially pronounced in Bowriders and Junior Sportboats.

Broochy appearance, wide choice of models, reasonable price - Monterey becomes a fashion brand.

In 1989 the shipyard launched its first family boat, and in the mid 1990s they expanded their range with several models, from small sports boats to luxury yachts.


The Monterey Boats Shipyard continues its work and today the company supplies its products to over forty countries.


In 1994, with 14 models in assets, the company erects the second production hall. Shortly thereafter, however, the shipyard relocates to Williston, Florida, to a 18600 square meter workshop. But the free space wasn't long: with the introduction of the patented Air Assist Chine (a special bottom profile that makes it easier to access the waxing), Monterey boats got a new boost and production got a load.

Model range

The company's model range covers the entire segment of the boating market. Everyone who wants to buy a boat can find something of his own here. Fish & Ski class boats will be appreciated by lovers of fishing and outdoor activities. Modern Monterey sports towboats provide everything you need for water skiing and wakeboarding,

For day trips and relaxation, the shipyard offers spacious bowriders with swimming platforms and sunbathing areas. Cabin cruising boats will be a worthy choice for families on weekends, while open-air yachts and models with semi-closed saloon are suitable for connoisseurs of high comfort or noisy companies.


30 years of experience in boat design and construction, own developments, bright sports design, traditionally high quality, extensive network of dealers and service centers - all this allows Monterey boats to take one of the leading positions in the market. For more than 10 years the company has been awarded by the National Marine Manufacturers Association NMMA CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index).

Discontinued Models



Browse video tours of the shipbuilding area and facilities at the Monterey shipyard including open house day reports, dealer meeting reviews and behind the scene highlights of what makes Monterey unique.

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