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Model range

The brand Sessa Marine produces flybridge Yachts and semi-Enclosed Yachts. There are 11 models from 11 to 22 meters in the current model range from 3 lines: Cruiser, Flybridge and Yacht.


Company history

The Italian shipyard Sessa was founded in 1958 by engineer Camillo Braga. As a specialist in polyesters, he used the materials derived from them in the construction of small boats and lightweight kartop boats. In the 70's the company expanded its material palette and model range. The daughter of the founder, Raffaella Braga Radice, played an important role in these processes.

In the 2000s, the family shipyard reached a new level. Branches were opened in South and North America. The brand also received the title Cavaliere Lavoro, the highest award for entrepreneurs in Italy. Sessa Marine is still managed today by the descendants of Camillo Braga, the Radiche family.

Status .

The shipyard works, manufactures yachts on three continents and sells them all over the world.

Production .

Sessa's head office is located in the Italian city of Lesmo, and its main production facility is in Cividate, near Bergamo. The company also has plants in other regions of Italy, as well as abroad in the United States and Brazil. Every year the shipyard produces about a thousand vessels. The company also has a research center and a dealer network of dozens of units around the world.

Model range

The brand produces yachts, sports boats and fishing boats. The main models include both open cruising yachts and closed cruising yachts with hardtop, gliding yachts with flybridge, cabin boats, as well as outboard boats with outboard engine, caddy cabin and central console.


The leading concept and motto of Sessa is to «do the right thing». This applies to every vessel, be it a fishing boat or a large yacht. The company pays particular attention to the quality of materials and control of work processes. At the same time, Sessa makes sure that the boats comply with the legislation of the importing countries. The company also carefully selects dealers around the world. Marketers at the shipyard are constantly innovating in design and communications.

In the third millennium, having finally established itself in the European market, the Sessa brand is increasingly focusing on the production of large motor yachts with luxurious interiors and specific designs (extraordinary glazing, trapezoidal windows).

Discontinued models


In this section, you can download scanned articles about the shipyard published in the mass media, an overview of its model range, price lists for the models, and other materials.

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