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Model range

The brand AB Yachts produces high Performance Yachts and motor Superyachts. There are 7 models from 25 to 45 meters.


Company history

The AB Yachts company dates back to 1992, having quickly defined its niche and constantly improving itself. This is the production of high speed yachts with water-jet engines for those who need speed and drive in addition to the premium hull. Today the Italian shipyard is a leader in this segment, but it has had to go through an interesting and difficult path of innovation and structural change. What the company would have been like if it had not been joined by the Fipa Group in 2001, we will never know, but this event has definitely benefited both parties to the deal. Prior to that, Maiora and Intermare yards had joined the group, making Fipa a serious player in the yacht market. Then it was time to join the new family of CBI Navi, an experienced metal hull builder. Among all these companies AB Yachts stands out with a wealth of innovations and non-standard solutions. For example, she was the first company in the world to equip small yachts with powerful waterjet engines. They said «A» - you have to say «B»too. The development of lightweight composite hulls with an innovative bolt-less connection type on a special adhesive followed, which compensated for vibrations and temperature fluctuations at the connection points. Computer modeling and even aerospace developments also came to the aid, as loads on the structural elements became very heavy. All this brought the company to the world leaders in the market of pleasure craft with water-jet engines. Within the Fipa group of companies, AB Yachts also provides a full range of after-sales service, refit and storage of vessels of its brand.

Production .

ABYachts is always at the cutting «edge of» technology and materials. To lighten the structures without losing strength, the company uses the latest composite materials such as carbon fiber, Kevlar, ultramodern composites and rubber. The production facilities located in Massa, on the Ligurian coast, are responsible for producing the entire range of models of the brand. Every year about 30 boats, designed and manufactured with a high degree of customer involvement, leave the shipyard.

Model range

In the company catalogue we will find 8 stylish yacht models. The core products of the shipyard today are high-speed superyachts 35 -44.6 meters long, equipped with a sports bridge. The size range is more modestly represented by yachts from 17.7 meters, which, like the older models, have an important feature of ABYachts - water-jet engines running in conjunction with standard motor units, which provides excellent speed performance and wide range of use. The maximum speed in the current range is an impressive 54 knots.


AB Yachts boats are often called «reactive». Indeed, the company has devoted all its attention to the idea of fast, robust and at the same time maneuverable and lightweight yachts. The idea of the company's engineers to equip boats with water-jet engines has shown its worth and even served as «the engine of the yard's» permanent progress. Over time, the water cannons have also easily migrated to the company's superyachts.

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