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The brand Najad produces center cockpit sailboats. There are 5 models currently in production ranging from 11 to 18 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Najad and contact us for sales and pricing information.

The Najad lineup

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About the shipyard Najad

The company's history

The emergence of the Najad brand owes its origin to the friendship between Berndt Arvidsson and Thorwald Karlsson, who decided to create a dream yacht in the late 60s. The history of the company began on the island of Urust, Sweden's shipbuilding mecca.

Having ordered the development of a 10-meter hull to legendary designer Olle Enderlein, the young engineers refined the design, optimizing interior space and ergonomics of control. The first model N34 is close in spirit to the boats of the famous Olle Enderlein. Hallberg-Rassywho also worked with Enderline.

Focusing on technology, shipbuilders did not care about marketing. At the two-metre-high stand at the Gothenburg Fair in 1971, they placed the reduced model N34 and Berndt's phone number.

Surprisingly, the result was the first order, which was completed by June 1972.

The N34 proved to be a successful model, which allowed the company to start building 354 yachts of this design, gradually developing the range.

Faithfulness to quality has remained the foundation of the Najad philosophy for 40 years. The company's internal criteria have always been stricter than industry standards. From 1971 to 2011 the company produced around 2,000 thoroughbred «cruisers, joining»the Premier League of Sailing Yacht builders.

Many models have been nominated for prestigious awards, in particular the Cruising World recognized the N355 as the best small cruiser of 2008.

The uncompromising philosophy and therefore the high prices have led to financial problems. In 2011, in the midst of the industry crisis, the company was declared bankrupt. During the following years, the company's assets were changed owners, production was reduced. In 2018 the shipyard joined the holding Orust Quality Yachts AB, having become related to Arcona Yachts.

Production .

The combined Najad and Arcona have focused on design and marketing, subcontracting production to Sail Yard, one of the most modern shipyards located in Uddeval.

Najad used the best of existing GRP sandwich technology from the first models. The company achieved the best durability and water resistance. Hulls built by Najad are famous for their high resistance to osmosis and blistering, remaining in operation for decades.

Model range

The refreshed Najad continues the classic shipyard tradition, taking into account the modern demands on yacht design and dynamics. The company offers several sailing yacht models from 39.5 to 57 feet, with central and aft cockpit.

Of interest are N395 AC and N395 SS, designed with the participation of the star Farr Yacht Design, with an interior from the no less starry Ken Freivokh. The company is positioning these models in the new Mini Superyacht class, with an emphasis on interior design and ergonomics.


Safety, reliability, comfort - these are the qualities that make Swedish yachts Najad one of the best sailing cruisers with unlimited water area, created for transoceanic and round-the-world trips.

Exceptional is the interior, creating the effect of coziness home, so necessary in the distant ocean trekking. Excellent ergonomics allows the yachtsmen to intuitively get along with the boat and easily control the boat together or even alone.

Typical of most Najad models, the central cockpit, protected by hard tempered glass windscreen, gives the feeling of a nut «shell and» guarantees safety in the most difficult weather conditions.