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The brand Hinckley produces lobster boats and gozzo boats and semi-enclosed yachts. There are 9 models currently in production ranging from 10 to 19 meters. The current model range includes 4 lines: Motor Yachts, Outboard Yachts, Picnic Boat and Sport Boats. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Hinckley and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Hinckley Model Range

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Company history

Hinckley has been manufacturing boats since 1928. The shipyard is known for its classic design and quality assembly. Even when all the boats were wooden, the ones made by Hinckley stood apart. There was something about the way they moved on the water - majestic, proud and graceful, they rocked their pennants in the harbour at dusk. Their lines are the result of their need to withstand the rigors of life among the rocky coves and protruding promontories of the Acadian coast of Maine. The special shape with its strong hull and wide deck lines, speed and endurance distinguish them from all others.

Company founder Henry Hinckley, aviation engineer by training, has never been afraid of innovation. In the 1950s, Hinckley was one of the first to give up bends and decks in favour of fibreglass - according to scientists, husbands who were completely unsuitable for building the right yacht. But Hinckley saw in the glass fibre what the traditionalists had missed: the opportunity to save weight by adding strength without sacrificing aesthetic beauty.

Hinckley was the first American yacht builder to use SCRIMP (Zeeman composite resin injection molding) technology in its yachts. Having joined the new owners in 1997, Hinckley began building motor boats equipped with jet engines. The company also developed more advanced fiberglass construction techniques called Dual «Guard, which»resulted in a stronger hull.

The star of the new generation of Hinckley boats is the all-electric Dasher, a vivid example of the encounter between design and technology. Absolutely silent, unbelievably aesthetic, setting new standards.

«We hope these boats will usher in a new era of refined performance,"»says Pete Saladino, Hinckley's chief marketing officer.


The Hinckley hulls were designed by chief naval architect Michael Peters and built in Maine. The emphasis on modern composite materials (carbon and Kevlar) using epoxy resin makes the yachts strong, lightweight and invariably luxurious with a mandatory teak finish.

A lineup

Now the shipyard specializes in the production of motor boats from 29 to 50 feet long: picnic boats with semi-closed salon, runabouts, outboard boats. Builds 50-foot cruising yachts and sailing boats withdek-salon. And, of course, the mansion is fully electric Dasher - a miniature luxury electric yacht, a new generation marine vehicle for $500,000.

Features .

Hinckley is modern technology in luxury packaging. «We combine classic style and modern strength,»explains Pete Saladino.

Discontinued Models


Browse video tours of the shipbuilding area and facilities at the Hinckley shipyard including open house day reports, dealer meeting reviews and behind the scene highlights of what makes Hinckley unique.

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