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790 Markham Dr Pulaski, 54162

The brand Larson produces outboard boats and pontoon boats. There are 30 models currently in production ranging from 4 to 10 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Larson and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Larson Model Range

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Company history

In 2013 the American shipyard Larson celebrated its hundredth anniversary. It all started with a wooden fun boat, which the future owner of the company Paul Larson built on a family farm in Minnesota. Then there were duck hunting and fishing boats commissioned by friends. Over time, the hobby became a matter of life. In the 20s, the growing demand for Larson boats inspired him to open his own factory - Larson Boat Works. It was to be tested by the Great Depression and two world wars. In the '30s, the factory doubled. Larson supplied training boats and wooden hulls to the US Army. It also updated its line of boats for civilian use.

After the wars, the shipyard completely switched to peaceful purposes - building boats for recreation. Soon the company introduced a revolutionary Falls Flyer with a separate cabin. For the next thirty years, the company was gaining momentum. Wood was replaced by fibreglass and metal trim was introduced. The light was on the Rand Gun line and All American's top seller.

In the 80s, Larson launched its first Contempra wide hull vessel. During these years the company was bought by Irwin Jacobs and the shipyard entered the 21st century with the introduction of the new LX and LSR models.


The shipyard continues the traditions of its founding father Larson, at the same time introducing new technologies into production.

Production .

In the 2010s the Larson production changed its address. The shipyard moved from Pulaski, Wisconsin to Syracuse, Indiana.

Model range

Larson produces fishing boats and bowriders, sports tugboats, self-propelled pontoons popular in the USA, as well as sports and outdoor cruising motor yachts. The All American model remains the symbol of the yard.

Features .

From the first days, the shipyard founder followed the trends in shipbuilding. This strategy is still followed by the company today. Despite the respectable age, the brand can hardly be called conservative. Only his attitude to quality is invariably the same - Larson gives a lifetime warranty on hulls.

By the way, hulls are made of fiberglass and polyurethane foam using sandwich construction. Advantages of technology - in preservation of high durability at decrease in weight of the yacht, stability and noise isolation. Also smooth running and high speed at a low expense of the patented contours of Delta Conic are reached.

Also Larson is famous for its attention to detail. These are stainless bolts, anatomic armchairs, and thought-out dashboards on ships.

Discontinued Models