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The brand Van Der Heijden produces semi-displacement Yachts and steel Yachts. There are 7 models from 13 to 25 meters.


The Dutch shipyard Van Der Heijden has over 400 yachts. For a company founded in 1993, which takes into account the wishes of its customers when designing their yachts, this is a solid figure.

The naval architect, Ronald Van Der Heijden, has, since the shipyard's founding, been committed to the idea that a satisfied client has the right to contribute to the development of his future home on the water. Of course, his vision of the perfect boat did not stop there. He offered the market good quality steel yachts of medium size - from 11 to 33 meters. For those who have not ripened to the size of a megayacht, but prefer steel to GRP. The advantages of the metal case are obvious: it is more reliable and resistant to damage. In shallow waters and in water areas where you can stumble upon a stone or reef, understanding the strength of your yacht will save you nerve cells. By the way, before the creation of his own shipyard, Van der Heyden built ships for the Navy and the knowledge gained during this time, by his own admission, was actively used in the "civilian" shipbuilding.

In terms of price, the Van Der Heijden yachts are not cheap, but they are more than a fair price tag for an all-steel vessel, custom made and designed for a long journey in comfort. In addition, you do not have to spend time on a crew to operate this yacht - a captain/owner and a clever assistant are enough.

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