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Model range

The brand Hustler produces fishing Boats and high Performance Boats. There are 15 models from 6 to 16 meters.


The history of the company

Demand gives birth to supply. In the early 80's the boats on the market reached speeds of 50-60 miles per hour, but encountered a huge problem: at high speed the boat began to jump on the water. It became uncontrollable and very unsafe. Customers wanted faster, safer boats than they could find on the production market. So in 1979, Hustler was born, the result of all the wishes.

«When I first launched the Hustler, technology»was the foundation of everything," said Paul Fiore, founder of the company.

The debut model Hustler 32 has collected many honors, including national and world championships. In 1984, the Hustler 32 took part in a prestigious test, where it shocked everyone at 85 miles per hour - unthinkable for a production boat. Even more unbelievable was the sustained performance of the boat at this speed.

«The faster you go, the better he feels»," explained Paul Fiore.

Hustler has gained national recognition. In 1984, the shipyard won the Powerboat Magazine award as the most excellent product. Experts liked the speed and handling of the boat, but most of all admired the design itself. In 1985, the redesigned Hustler 32 was presented to connoisseurs as the fastest, strongest high-speed production boat with the best handling in the world.

In 1986, the Hustler 32 with 330 hp engines and Arneson drive won the World Cup in Key West, Florida.

Another Hustler star is the 40-footer. It was the first boat in the U.S. with a redesigned hull and a «deep V»bezel. The fastest in its class, with a large luxury bedroom, it left all the competitors behind.

In 1993, Hustler patented the US Tek Step body with variable teeth. Many manufacturers tried to compete, but Hustler had a patent. While all speedboats were jumping on water, losing control, the redesigned Hustler hull made the boat the fastest and most stable at high speeds.

Even today, Hustler is the fastest speedboat in its class with perfect handling, unimaginable ability to fit into corners and stay stable in rough water.


The shipyard is located in New York City, Long Island. Hustler is about attention to detail and quality of workmanship. They use autoclaves and the most advanced building materials: Kevlar, carbon fibers and vinylester resins.

Model range

The shipyard specializes in racing boats ranging in size from 21 to 50 feet. Each boat is a combination of luxury and performance.


Hustler is the fastest production boat in its class in the world with the Italian car exterior, the latest electronic and technological features and luxurious interior decoration.

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