Builder SeaDoo

Canada, Québec

Bombardier Recreational Products INC

726 Saint-Joseph St., Valcourt, Quebec J0E 2L0

The brand SeaDoo produced bowriders. There are no current models in production but you can learn more about the production of the brand in “Discontinued models“ section.

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The history of the company

SeaDoo brand grew out of Bombardier company, founded in 1942. It was founded by French-Canadian businessman Joseph-Armand Bombardier, to whom the invention of the snowmobile is attributed.

The first boat under SeaDoo brand was released in 1968. It was a jet-engined watercraft designed by Clayton Jacobson Jr. and Laurent Beaudoin. The model lasted on the market for only two years. It was taken out of production after complaints about discomfort because of the flat seat and inconvenient handles. Since the 90's the company specializes in jet skis, whose production has brought it recognition among fans of active water sports around the world.


SeaDoo is part of the Bombardier Recreational Product Corporation, which produces recreational equipment from snowmobiles to water bikes.

Production .

The company's headquarters are located in the municipality of Valcourt, Quebec Province, Canada. Production is located in two countries. Rotax engines for scooters are made in the city of Gunskirchen (Austria), and everything else is collected at the plants in Keretaro and Juarez (Mexico).

Model range

The company specializes in water scooters and is known primarily for its sports models. SeaDoo Spark is one of the brightest and yet most budget conscious jet skis, which has received a number of awards for design and technical innovation. In addition to the stylish appearance of watercraft SeaDoo distinguishes speed and economy.


Along with high speed, the company guarantees a number of other differences between SeaDoo AquaBikes and competitors. Firstly, it is an improved protection of the engine against moisture and corrosion, which makes the scooters more technically reliable. Secondly, SeaDoo emphasizes the stability of the bikes in the water. The brand ambitiously states that it is possible to shave, squat with a barbell and build houses made of cubes on board its jet bikes.

Also, according to SeaDoo, with them, customers save on scooters twice: when buying and during use. In fact, this means that the brand tries to keep prices lower than those of competitors, as well as make the ships unpretentious in terms of maintenance.