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Canada, Québec

Bombardier Recreational Products

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History of the company

BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products) was part of the Canadian Bombardier Group until 2003, which dates back to the first half of XX century. It was based on L'Auto-Neige Bombardier Limité, opened in 1942 by Joseph-Arman Bombardier to produce the world's first snowmobiles.

In the next 25 years, the company improved its product, launched more compact new models, and by 1968 introduced the first water motorcycle Sea Doo. The concern did not stop at conquering the water elements and expanded its sphere of influence with the motorcycle market.


In 2003, Bombardier sold its divisions focused on leisure products, and BRP became an independent company, which exists today.


BRP has many production facilities at its disposal. It produces snowmobiles, motorcycles, quad bikes, small vessels and also owns the Evinrude company for the production of boat outboard engines.

Model range

In the shipbuilding industry, BRP is represented by the Alumacraft, Manitou and SeaDoo brands. Alumacraft produces aluminum boats for fishing, Manitou builds pontoons, and SeaDoo - world famous water motorcycles.

Features .

The versatile orientation of BRP does not adversely affect quality. All products of the concern occupy far not last places in the branches and receive positive responses of buyers.

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