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The brand Allures produces aft cockpit sailboats and aluminum sailboats. There are 3 models currently in production ranging from 14 to 16 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Allures and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Allures Model Range

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History of Allures Yachts

Friends on the student bench, engineers Stephan Constance and Xavier Desmarest shared a dream of sailing long distances. To make this dream come true, they had to find the right yacht, both in terms of limited budget and other parameters. After much research and inquiries from other travellers, it turned out that no yacht would meet all the needs of dreamers. For this reason, in 2003 they created Allures Yachts.

The shipyard specialises in aluminium centreboard sailing yachts. Already the first model Allures 40 has gained wide popularity and in 2005 became the Yacht of the Year in France. The fact that in 2006 the Peyron brothers ordered Allures 44 for their expedition to Greenland, increased the popularity too. As a result, in 2009 the shipyard received the Bateaux Bleu Award.

The shipyard's turnover doubled every year, and the logical step was to expand. And the expansion from within happened. The management company Grand Large Yachting began to develop its business. In 2007, the Outremer shipyard, which produces cruise catamarans, was acquired. This was followed by Garcia Yachts, a builder of aluminium yachts. And the Aluboat, an aluminium fishing boat manufacturer. In addition, they opened a service, charter and brokerage area. Since 2013, Grand Large Yachting has been active in the US market. In 2016 they acquired the odious American manufacturer of chic catamarans Gunboat. In 2020, in Europe, RM Yachts joined the group.

Production of Allures Yachts

Allures shipyard is based in northern France in the town of Cherbourg. With the development of Grand Large Yachting, other shipyards have appeared in the conglomerate, sharing the production. In particular, at Garcia shipyard in Caen, they produce aluminium hulls, and in Cherbourg, they assemble the GRP superstructure.

Model range of Allures Yachts

The range of Allures models isn't wide. On the other hand, all the existing models have a wide range of possibilities in individual configurations. It is possible thanks to strong hulls from aluminium which do not need additional strengthening by bulkheads. In addition, the shipyard's in-house design department, Cabinet Berret Racoupeau, is ready to design any configuration of interior space and cockpit.


Not only the aluminium hull and the centreboard define Allures yachts. Apart from that, it's all about the little things. For instance, all Allures yachts have a fibreglass superstructure to reduce weight and improve appearance. The centreboard is controlled manually with the help of gear and winches. No hydraulics are used here for reliability and simplicity. The centreboards themselves are not the ballast, moreover, they weigh only a few hundred kilograms. The ballast in the yacht is uniquely stacked around the centreboard. 

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