Melges 20 Winter Series: Hot. Winter. Our

Melges 20 Winter Series: Hot. Winter. Our

The Russians took the whole podium of the first stage of the Winter Series in the Megles 20 class, held in Monaco.
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Last Sunday the Yacht Club of Monaco summed up the 1st stage of the Jefferson Capital Melges 20 Winter Series, which is held here for the third time.

According to the results of four races the team of «Nik» Vladimir Proshihin won, beating the closest rivals by 8 points.

The second and third places, as well as the fourth and fifth were decided with the help of recalculation, since 4 crews scored the same number of points at once. As a result, Alexander Ezhkov's crew from «PIRogovo» Yacht Club is in second place, «Bogatyry» Igor Rytov is in third place.

The Russians took the whole pedestal!

Actually, there were a lot of our countrymen in Monaco this year. Out of 19 teams 15 were all or almost all Russian.

In addition to renowned athletes, newcomers also set out to conquer Monaco. For example, the Skolkovo Sailing Team, which won the Sunsail MBA Global Sailing League title this year. The guys participated in the Winter Series for the first time last year. They were racing a J70 yacht back then. And this season, the Skolkovo people have their own Melges 20.

Designed for 3-4 people, this is a super maneuverable and fast yacht for sports competitions. She has a rather original name - ««Black Sheep»», which in the Russian version is closest to the word combination «of white crow». The name is very consistent with the character of the team, as they say - «we jump out in the sport of»sailing.

The hull number 666 is embellished with a daring character on board.

The host was represented by Manfredi Class Vice President Vianni Tolomei and Monaco Prince Pierre Casiraga. Maolca took fourth place, but the Prince's team was unlucky: they were in the last line of the overall standings, despite the presence of last year's winner of the Winter series tactic Guido Miani. In addition to them from the European teams were present Swedish team «Inga from Sweden» - fifth place and the same number of points as in «Pirogovo», «Bogatyry» and Maolca (18), as well as the Polish team Star Telecom, which took 8th place.

For three days of competition, the weather allowed to start only on the second day. The capricious weather doesn't give any importance to the titles of the participating yachtsmen, the absence of wind happens everywhere. This year's windless weather affected both Portuguese Cascais during the RC44 World Cup and Bermuda during the «America's Cup». Therefore, the organizers always plan the maximum number of days - in this case three - to chase at least one or two days if there is no wind.

In any case, the teams had the chance to go into the water on training days before the race, as well as one day in the race to remember and experience this «winter» format again. It is still a long way from winter, with the warm summer sun at the Monaco Yacht Club, where yachtsmen waited for the wind to shine.

In addition, they make beautiful aperoli here, and Valentin Zavadnikov treats them to the name wine of the Winter Series.

Perfect charge of energy before a long winter!

The second stage of the Winter Series will take place on November 20-22, and Burevestnik»Yacht «Club will be his partner. Organizers of the regatta hope for good racing conditions. Two stages in a row the fleet will not withstand the absence of wind. As a last resort, we will have to ask the «Black Lamb to» use its magic of numbers 666 to achieve the favor of nature.

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