The Russian «Dragon» took bronze in Cascais.

The Russian «Dragon» took bronze in Cascais.

The crew of Strange Little Girl Dmitry Samokhin became the bronze prizewinner of the first stage of the Winter series in Cascais.
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Every year from October to November the Winter Series starts in Lisbon's suburbs, the «yachting mecca of Cascais». Last weekend the first stage of competitions in Dragon»class «was held where two Russian teams took part: RUS98 of St. Petersburg Yacht Club of Igor Goichberg and «Strange Little Girl» (RUS76) of Dmitry Samokhin. Recall that in June they won silver at the World Championships in La Rochelle, France.

The Portuguese weather this year does not spoil the stability of the yachtsmen, so we had to tune in as from day two the starts were set at 10am as the wind was already low by lunchtime. The media team of Matrioshka Sailing was strengthened for the first time by a professional yachtsman Artem Chugunov who is now training in Portugal at the «Laser». Together we managed not only to take interesting photos, but also to look for wind conditions, to watch the currents in the cunning conditions of Cascais. The second day of the race, when we followed the events from the ribe, was the most intense - we had 3 races! Russian crews performed steadily, RUS76 - with arrivals in the top five, giving nervous rivals.

On the second day the wind in Cascais was much stronger than on the first day: it added to the spectacularity of the races. The wind of 6-16 knots blew from the SEA, sometimes going to the SEA. Due to the frequent change of wind pressure, heavy and relatively slow «Dragons» could not keep up from one go to the next. The race was complicated by the current from the east, going exactly against the short wind wave. The current was generally cut by both wind and wave.

It was a very difficult day for the Russian crews, but they repeatedly claimed a place in the top three and even the leadership! So, in the second race on the first round of the lower sign of RUS98 were third. In the same race in the second round of the upper sign RUS98 were already in second place. With this position, the crew finished the race.

Before the 3rd race the forecast showed weakening, and the crew of Dmitry Samokhin (RUS 76) changed the stack to a flatter one: there was no need to break the wave anymore. In the third race on the first sign both crews were in the triple 1 - GER1123, 2 - RUS76, 3 - RUS98. After that, RUS98 «fell» to sixth and then eighth place, while RUS76, winning one position, led to the next top sign, but did not reach the finish line first.

On the third day of the race Dmitry Samokhin and his team finally managed to climb to the very top: in the 6th race of the Series they finished first. In the end, Strange Little Girl has bronze. In the overall standings they conceded ahead of the «owners» of the Cascais Yacht Club - POR66 and the leaders of the series - the German crew GER1123. The crew of RUS98 Saint-Petersburg Yacht Club took the fifth place following the results of the competition.

The regatta in Cascais is always a spectacular event where there are always other classes in addition to the competing yachts. For example, on Saturday the regatta was repeatedly joined «by flying moth» (class of small dinghies on hydrofoils), military destroyer, as well as beautiful Endeavour - maxi yacht of class J.

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