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1811 Spring Street Manitowoc, 54220

Model range

The brand Burger Boat produces aluminum Yachts and semi-displacement Yachts. There are 10 models from 15 to 66 meters.


History of the company

The Burger Boat Company was founded by the son of German emigrants, Henry Burger. He started his shipbuilding activity in 1863 in Manitowok on the west shore of Lake Michigan when he was 24, with fishing wooden sailing boats as his reference point. Quite soon his quality boats became popular on the Great Lakes.

Over time, production expanded and diversified, and steamers, tugboats, boats and barges were launched under the Burger Boat brand. In 1902, the Burgers sold the business. However, the family tradition of shipbuilding was continued by Henry B. Burger Shipyard, founded in 1892 by Henry B. Burger Jr., nephew of Henry.

He was a visionary and innovative thinker, and quickly recognized the potential of the newly developed boat gasoline engines, starting to equip ships with them.

The appearance in 1901 of the first boat of this kind, the 85-foot wooden cruiser Vernon Jr., can be considered the beginning of yacht building at the shipyard.

The father's case was inherited by his four children and wife, who in 1915 formalized their partnership in the Burger Boat Company. In the course of the two World Wars, digging was not overlooked by the military, who ordered mine trawlers, sea hunters, towboats and rescue boats from her. In 1949 the shipyard launched a range of custom and semi-custom yachts. Since 1952, the company began working with aluminum, which led to the production in 1956 of the all-welded aluminum 36-foot cruiser, the first in America.

Once again, the record breaking in 1977 for Arara, the largest aluminium 125-foot yacht of that time in the USA.

Between 1985 and 1990, 47% of all American motor yachts longer than 80 feet built in the USA were built by the Burger Boat Company. The company was closed down in the 1990s due to the bankruptcy of its parent Tacoma Boatbuilding Company, but in 1993, with the arrival of new owners, David Ross and Jim Ruffolo, resumed operations.

Status .


Production .

The facility is located in Manitowock, Wisconsin, and employs approximately 350 people. The company builds superyachts in steel and aluminum, with a special division that supports and refits yachts.


The company has a wealth of experience in building various types of vessels, whether they are motor or sailing yachts, or a variety of commercial vessels. Motor yachts are represented by custom and semi-custom models from 15m to 65m.

Features .

Burger Boat Company is the oldest U.S. shipyard that was at the origin of the New World yachting industry.

It is an American classic, with a rigorous design that emphasizes the importance of seaworthiness, reliability and practicality.

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