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The brand Chris-Craft Boats produces bowriders and outboard boats. There are 13 models currently in production ranging from 7 to 12 meters. The current model range includes 3 lines: Calypso, Catalina and Launch & Launch GT. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Chris-Craft Boats and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Chris-Craft Boats Model Range

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The History of Chris-Craft Boats

Chris Smith built his first wooden boat in 1874, when he was only 13 years old. A few years later he made another boat for hunting and fishing. His friends liked the model and they asked him to build a similar boat for them, which was the beginning of the now world famous shipyard Chris-Craft

In 1910, the Smith Ryan Boat Company was formed, focusing on economically priced runabouts for mass production. By the mid 1920's, the company, now renamed the Chris Smith & Sons Boat Company was an emerging player on the world stage and would go on to become the largest producer of mahogany powerboats. Among the lucky owners were such celebrities as Henry Ford and William Randolph Hearst.

The INITIAL popularity of CHRIS_CRAFT came in the 1910's and 1920's thanks to theIR luxury racing boats that were called THE «NORTH American Riva».

The Great Depression led the firm to refocus on building economic runabouts and budget models to adjust for the times. Chris-Craft's ability to move with the times and adjust to challenges also led it to begin taking orders for the U.S. Army during the wartime years for which it produced more than twelve thousand small boats for military use.

The post war years allowed Chris-Craft to slowly return to their original prewar passion of building sports boats. By the early 2000's the firm had change hands again and moved into its current focus mainly as a builder of high performance, European styled but still clearly American classic runabouts and bowriders for entertainment on the water. This dedication to European style is rare for an American shipyard and Chris-Craft may still be considered North America's answer to the famous Italian builder Riva a full century after their mahogany runabout were first built.

Production Facilities

The shipyard's boats are built in a modern factory in Sarasota, Florida, employing more than 340 people. The 120 acre plot facility includes a headquarters, design office, workshops, assembly halls and an artificial test pond. in 2022 the firm announced a plan to expand their facilities by another 70,000 square feet and to employ an additional 200 personel to increase production capacity. Despite the large production volumes, the shipyard finds time to test every boat on the water, so that customers always receive a fully tested boat.

Chris-Craft Model Range

Chris-Craft currently produces 13 models across four main lines: The Launch & Launch GT Series, the Calypso Series and the Catalina Series.

The Launch and Launch GT series are the firm's open bow runabouts ranging from the entry level 7.6m Launch 27 and the popular, slightly larger Launch 25 GT up to the largest 11.3m Launch 35 GT.

The Calypso Series is Chris-Craft's range of luxury center console boats powered by twin or triple outboard engines and designed for versatility and performance. Popular models include the 8.48m Calypso 27 and the 10.93m Calypso 35.

The Catalina series is made up of three models of center console boats ranging in size from 7.7 to 10.3 meters.

Chris-Craft Boat Sales

A Chris-Craft boat is a significant investment and finding the right partner when looking to buy is crucial to avoid costly mistakes. The itBoat team of yacht experts has years of experience in the yachting industry and can help you find the perfect Chris-Craft boat that fits your needs and budget. We can provide you with professional advice, guidance and support from an initial consultation through to the final delivery of your dream yacht. We invite you to contact us today for a no obligation chat to learn more.

Discontinued Models


Browse video tours of the shipbuilding area and facilities at the Chris-Craft Boats shipyard including open house day reports, dealer meeting reviews and behind the scene highlights of what makes Chris-Craft Boats unique.

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