William Garden


Designer description William Garden

Brand History

Born in 1918, William Garden is one of the founders of the modern yachting industry. The future master learned how to sail and build boats even before he received his education.

William's career started early. After graduating from Edison College, where he studied shipbuilding, he got a job at Andrew's Boat Company shipyard, where by the age of 24 he had designed about 50 sailboats. The total number of naval architect's projects exceeded six hundred.


William devoted his whole life to designing boats, he was a perfectionist, which certainly reflected on his work. Being very popular, the architect could afford to take on projects that were close to him, so he didn't even answer for many.

Specialization .

The main direction of William Garden is maritime architecture. The studio designed serial sailing boats with Mediterranean and central cockpit, wooden boats, dealers. From the motor segment, William owns production models and superyachts.

Cooperation with shipyards

William Garden was fortunate to have found several epochs of shipbuilding and worked with many shipyards that no longer exist. Among the current companies we can mention partnership with Westport, Admiral, Hitachi, Alloy Yachts, Pacific Mariner.

Landmark projects

Old sea wolves remember Formosa 51, Mariner 36, Gulf 40, and CT 41 when mentioning William Garden. Each of them brought new solutions and contributed to the evolution of the shipbuilding industry. Of the latest works, Westport's Annastar deserves attention. Donald Starkey, an equally respected studio, worked with William on the yacht.


William Garden had a long and successful career and died in 2011. For the last 30 years the master, who did not like to be disturbed, worked in solitude on his own island in British Columbia.