Lally Poulias


Designer description Lally Poulias

Brand History

After studying interior design, the young and ambitious Greek interior designer Lally Poulias joined the studio of Jon Bannenberg in 1985. Eight years later he founded his own design studio and has been working independently ever since. Lally Poulias' company has an exemplary reputation, over the years it has added projects for the most influential people on the planet to its portfolio.


In his projects, the design studio Lally Poulias often experiments with styles. Classics, postmodern and art nouveau can be found here. The master himself is inspired by ancient Greek architecture, which he believes has «reached aesthetic and geometric perfection».


The studio creates interiors and exteriors for superyachts, while the portfolio also includes flybridge boats up to 30 meters. The firm also designs residential and commercial properties.

Cooperation with shipyards

In the yachting sector the company has built relationships with Apollo Victory Superyacht, Neorion, Lamda Shipyard and Marine Industrial.

Landmark projects

The master owns the futuristic 72.5-meter Elegant 007, the expeditionary Delma for the UAE Foreign Minister. The studio also designed the interior and exterior of the spacious Moonlight II (formerly known as Alysia).

Team .

Lally runs a small studio in Athens, he does not hire a large staff and is involved in every new project.