Luca Bassani


Designer description Luca Bassani

Brand History

It was registered in Monaco in 1994. Wally Yachts - The brainchild of Luca Bassani Antivari from Milan. By the time the studio was created, Bassani had titles in IOR Classes, «6th», Mumm30, and also a large sum after the sale of the family firm BTicino. When he was 31 he started looking for a yacht and could not find one. He had to design the yacht himself, and his son suggested the name of the studio after the cartoon crocodile Wally. World fame was brought to the company by the film «Island», where a futuristic 118-foot motor yacht appeared. Wally Power. Orders for custom and semi-custom sailing and motor yachts were followed and the International Maxi Yacht Association recognized the Wally Class.

At the same time, most of its existence Wally Yachts was, in fact, a customer service, not having a powerful design office or its own shipyard. All Wally yachts were designed and built by different studios and shipyards, while Bassani «was just» finding clients, offering ideas and supervising the projects. Only when he joined the Ferretti Group in 2019 did Wally Yachts find its permanent home, the Ancona shipyard owned by the holding.


The abandonment of traditionality down to the breaking point is a major feature of the yachts designed by the studio. Bassani is always one step ahead, offering solutions that many think are at least too innovative.


The studio works with a scale: from deacailers to displacement motor superyachts. Bassani also creates the Wally world by producing Wally skis and clothes.

Cooperation with shipyards

The studio has worked with the architectural firms Hoek, Frers, Judel/Vrolijk, Reichel/Pugh, Mills, Tripp and Persico, Carroll Marine, Green Marine, Nedship and many others.

Landmark projects

Designed by Bassani in 1991 the Wallygator was the first cruising yacht with a carbon mast. In 2004 the brutal WallyPower 118 was awarded the Millennium Yacht Design Award. В 2006 Esensehas been awarded the Show Boat Awards for innovation and is still amazed by the Magic Trim system. В 2012 Better Place has become the largest carbon-fiber boat.

The team

The leading designer is Tommaso de Luca.