Burness Corlett - Three Quays

Great Britain

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Brand History

Burness Corlett & Partners started working in 1952 as a naval architects and engineering bureau. Thanks to the management talent of its founder, Ewan Corlett, she has gained a worldwide reputation and provides modern, efficient solutions for the marine sector.

In 2005, the company bought a subsidiary of P & O technical services. The merger created the British consulting company Burness Corlett Three Quays (BCTQ), which became one of the most influential players in the industry.


The team considers continuous improvement to be one of its main goals. In their projects BCTQ specialists implement advanced developments, offering customers productive, quality and reliable boats.

Specialization .

BCTQ carries out research work for many shipbuilding companies, designs boats from compact series models to private superyachts, from sailboats to motor boats. The company also offers services for the commercial shipbuilding and defence industries.

Cooperation with shipyards

In the private sector the firm creates naval architecture for Shipworks, Pendennis, Devonport, etc.

Landmark projects

The company has participated in more than 5000 projects around the world. BCTQ designed the 82-meter Sarafsa for a Middle Eastern royal family member, and also designed the 44-meter Alaska hull.

The team is .

The firm's head office is in London and there is also an office in Southampton, Maine, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Dubai. The company's naval architecture is the responsibility of Tim Hope.