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Designer description Focus Yacht Design

The history of the brand.

The studio Focus Yacht Design has been working since 2007 in the German city of Bremen. Its founders are a group of like-minded people united by an interest in yachts. They are specialists with experience in design, architecture, engineering, marketing and other specialist fields. In creating yachts, the Focus Yacht Design team wanted to move away from a narrow specialization practice. From the very beginning, the aim of the brand was to work comprehensively on both the interior design and exterior styling of the yachts.


The studio has chosen a holistic approach to yacht development to implement ideas that are linked to team values. First and foremost Focus Yacht Design aims to create original, special yachts that will differ from other market offers. In this regard, the team works together on each project. In a holistic approach, it is easier to take into account the parameters that determine individuality: interior, comfort level, engineering aspects and functionality.

Also in Focus Yacht Design they follow the details, love eclecticism and use contrast to create spectacular interiors.

Specialization .

Focus Yacht Design uses an integrated approach strategy to create the interiors and exteriors of superyachts.

Cooperation with shipyards

During its short history the company has managed to work with German shipyards Nobiskrug, Drettmann and Abu Dhabi MAR Kiel GmbH as well as Turkish Sunrise Yachts.

Landmark projects

The studio's portfolio includes the yacht Odessa II, built for the Anglo-American businessman of Ukrainian origin Leonid Blavatnik at Nobiskrug shipyard. The yacht is named after his grandmother's hometown. The slipway of Nobiskrug also saw the launch of the 73-meter superyacht Plan B. Zenith is slightly inferior in size to her, reaching a length of almost 70 meters. Irimari, Gene Machine, Explorer (34m) and Ursus (24m) have been built since 2013.

The team .

The team of designers, architects, engineers and marketers is managed by two directors, Thomas Mühe and Henning Krohn.