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Juan Kouyoumdjian Naval Architecture

Designer description Juan Kouyoumdjian

The history of the brand

Juan Kouyoumdjian Studio exists since 1997 in Valencia. The company is named after its founder Juan Kouyoumdjian, who is known in the sailing environment as Juan K. He was born in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires and studied at the University of Southampton in England. In 1993, after obtaining a diploma in Yacht and Small Ship»«Design, he began working on the creation of the French Le Défi for the 1995 «America»'s Cup.

Thus, sports yachts have defined the vector of development of Kuyumjan and his company.


Kuyumjan's studio believes that a purely utilitarian approach to boat design is wrong. What is important is how the owner feels on a yacht, his guests, how comfortable they are, what it feels like to have a yacht. A three-dimensional visualization is used for this purpose prior to the start of the work, so that the client looks at the future yacht from inside and outside in advance.

Speciality .

The studio follows a course taken once: it designs racing and cruising yachts. The development of the yachts is «turnkey»: from the concept to the final construction drawings.

Cooperation with shipyards

The brand works with shipyards on different continents. The company has made projects for New England Boatworks in the USA, Nautor's Swan in Finland, Wally in Monaco.

Landmark projects

Juan Kuyumjan has developed such notorious boats as the Speedboat 100, ABN Amro and Groupama 4. And of course it is worth mentioning Rambler 88, which has won more than ten international regattas. From modern models we shall note high-tech sailing yacht ClubSwan 36.

The team is .

Juan Kouyoumdjian employees call themselves a multicultural team and note that their work is built between London, Valencia and Argentina.

The studio is still headed by Juan Kouyoumdjian, who works together with his twin brother Gonzalo Kouyoumdjian as the company's CFO. Naval architects and designers come from Argentina, Spain and Australia, one of whom, Johathan Fluhrer, previously worked for Hugo Boss.