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Cristina Gerardi, Studio founder
Our company is not an expert in yachting, but we have created projects that have surprised the industry.
Cristina Gerardi
Studio founder

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Brand history

CG Design Studio is widely known among connoisseurs of exclusive design and luxury. Its founder, Cristina Gherardi, began her career with commercial real estate. She has worked on stores for Virgin Megastore and Kenzo in France, as well as several department stores for the Brunswig family in Switzerland.

Christina's resume also includes work for LVMH, one of the world's leading luxury brands. Then there was a collaboration with Giorgio Armani studio, where she got acquainted with yacht design and then started her own company.


Each project is the result of a case study based on client expectations, the place and cultural environment in which the client lives. The team's work elegantly combines French «Savoir Vivre», Italian virtuosity of design and American functionality.

Speciality .

CG Design Studio deals with high-end projects for an international clientele: superyachts, private luxury properties and commercial properties.

Cooperation with shipyards

The company does not yet have an impressive portfolio in the shipbuilding sector, but all its projects have made a lot of noise in the yachting community. The team has worked together on Christensen, Feadship and other boats.

Landmark projects

Created with CG Design, the first 83.5m Feadship Savannah hybrid superyacht won three Showboats Design Awards in 2015 for best exterior design, best interior design and best holistic design.

The equally successful Odessa in 2010 won the World Yachts Trophies and Showboats Design Awards 2010 for its spectacular interiors.


Before the opening of the studio in Paris, Christina had time to get acquainted, work, and establish contacts with many famous designers. She managed to build a strong team, and her own fame in the industry has consolidated the success.

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