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Designer description Jim Harris

Brand History

The famous interior designer Jim Harris and the owner of the shop of antiques, art objects, furniture and other decorative elements did not aspire to work with yachts himself. The first project was found by the master himself. In 2006 he was approached by an old client for whom he designed more than a dozen objects and suggested creating interiors for his future boat. So the portfolio of J.W. Studio. Harris has added a luxury superyacht to its portfolio.


The design of Harris can be described as classic, but relevant, luxurious, but comfortable to live in. It creates a beautiful atmosphere that reflects the individual style of each client.


The studio from Arizona Phoenix creates interiors for real estate, planes and superyachts. J.W. also creates interiors for real estate, planes and superyachts. Harris designs furniture and manufactures decorative objects on its own.

Cooperation with shipyards

The company does not yet have an impressive portfolio in the yachting segment. The most successful partnership has been with Dutch Feadship.

Landmark projects

Harris designed the interior spaces for Secret superyacht (now called Majestic). The interior is a harmonious combination of Art Deco, French Art Nouveau and modern style.


The ability to plan, execute and manage projects from start to finish, to interact effectively within the company and with partners is the result of a well-knit team led by Jim Harris.

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