Studio Garroni

Vittorio Garroni, Studio founder
In design, you have to look back carefully and analyze the evolution of trends. Only then can a line be drawn into the future.
Vittorio Garroni
Studio founder

Designer description Studio Garroni

Brand History

Garroni Design was founded in 1971 by Vittorio Garroni. His love of sailing in France led to a collaboration with Jeanneau, which began in the 1980s with Prestige 41 and continues to this day. In addition to the Prestige, he has also worked with Jeanneau. Prestige, the luxury motor yacht brand launched by Jeanneau in 1989, Vittorio Garroni was responsible for creating some of the best selling yachts in history.Jeanneau models such as the Cap Camarat 755 (about 1000 hulls sold), Merry Fisher, Runabout and all current NC and Leader models. Garroni has produced around 70 different models for Prestige. And even during the crisis period 2008-2009 Garroni / Prestige partnership created one bestseller after another:Prestige 500over 450 copies sold,Prestige 550(250 pieces), 42 S and 38 S (over 1000 boats).

Philosophy .

Chief designer of the studio Camillo Garroni says: «When I start thinking about a new boat, I always remember that it should be modern and relevant in ten years. Working with Prestige Yachts, I always insist on innovation, otherwise my work will become routine. We study the market, the needs of the owners, we listen to the dealers, and then together we decide what to do next. The use of advanced software such as Catia allows us to share the changes we make to the design in real time, even if we are thousands of kilometers away from each other.

Specialisation .

Garroni Design designs serial and custom sailing and motor yachts, as well as their exterior and interior designs. The company has many major projects, including commercial shipbuilding, automotive and architectural design.

Cooperation with shipyards

Garroni Design has a longstanding relationship with Jeanneau Yachts and Prestige. At various times the company has made projects with the C.I.M. and Cantiere Valdettaro shipyards.

Landmark projects

Among the most successful series projects in the Prestige range, Jeanneau NC and Jeanneau Leader. The company's portfolio also includes sailing superyachts such as Persistence, Unplugged Manutara, Ree and others.

Team .

Garroni Design is a large team made up of designers, architects, engineers and consultants and is now managed by Camillo Garroni, who is also the studio's chief designer.