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Great Britain
Rodney Black, Studio Director
Yacht design is more complex than projects in real estate. There are many limitations: less space, more requirements for materials and furniture, technicalities.
Rodney Black
Studio Director

Designer description Rodney Black Design Studios

The history of the brand

Two British families, Geary and Black, opened a residential and commercial property design studio in 1962. Later Rodney Black, who studied architecture at the University of Auckland and in Perugia, Italy, joined the management. In the mid 90's, the company was the only foreigner» invited «to Japan to rebuild the city of Kobe after the earthquake.

The firm made its debut in the yachting industry much later. The first boat with the design of the studio was launched only in 2010, after rebranding, when Rodney took the sole lead of the company under its new name - Rodney Black Design Studios.


Rodney sees the interiors of the yachts as something separate from his own «cultural universe». «Homes can live off the cultural heritage of their surroundings. There is no boat," says the designer. - We create a world that makes a yacht stand alone in this respect».


Rodney Black Design Studio deals with landscape design, architecture, interiors and exteriors of any real estate objects. In the marine segment the company designs interior spaces and also offers solutions for the external design of superyachts.

Cooperation with shipyards

The firm is best known for its cooperation with American shipbuilder Hargrave and Dutch Feadship.

Landmark projects

The first boat for the studio was the 68-meter Lady Christine, for which the company has developed interiors in art deco style with a high level of detail. The boat also stands out for its performance - at 11 knots, the boat can travel up to 7,600 miles.

Team .

Rodney Black Design is a respected studio with a rich history. The office in Colchester employs masters of their craft under the keen guidance of Rodney Black.

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