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Gregory Marshall, Studio founder
My biggest success as a naval architect is that after 36 years, I still love going to work.
Gregory Marshall
Studio founder

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The history of the brand

Dear and widely known in the yachting community, Canadian studio Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architect (GCMNA) was opened in 1994. Its founder, Gregory C. Marshall, has been a boat enthusiast since childhood.

«I was obsessed with yachts when I was three," he says, "I painted boats on everything, including the school board. When they were washed, I started over».

When the young man turned 15, his father gave him to Bill Garden's studio for training, the knowledge he gained is still useful today.


GCMNA team applies modern methods and follows the highest standards in creating boats. However, the studio understands that design is more than efficiency and engineering formulas. Only a comprehensive approach allows us to create a yacht that satisfies our clients' needs. The company maintains a balance between art and science, creativity and technology, appearance and performance.


One of GCMNA's priority areas is superyachts. The team's extensive experience also allows them to take part in many commercial projects such as patrol boats, ferries, fishing boats, Coast Guard boats and military training vessels.

Cooperation with shipyards

The studio noted cooperation with many well-known shipyards, such as Christensen Shipyards, Burger Boat, Ocean Alexander, Westport Shipyards, etc.

Landmark projects

In 2012, Superyacht World Magazine recognized Big Fish designed by GCMNA as «one of the 50 best yachts of all time.

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GCMNA is made up of 15 professionals, which allows the team led by Gregory and his partner Gordon Galbraith to take on projects of any complexity. The studio office is located in Victoria, Canada.

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