Maierform Maritime Technology


Designer description Maierform Maritime Technology

Brand history

Maierform Maritime Technology is a company with over a century of history that has always been closely associated with the shipbuilding industry. It has specialized in various research for the marine industry, designing commercial vessels, oil and gas drilling rigs, coastal structures, ports, berths and bridges. When the private boat market flourished, the firm expanded its range of superyachts.


The company has always kept pace with the times by offering cutting-edge solutions, and its extensive experience and knowledge in the shipbuilding industry has enabled it to create unique products.


The company offered a wide range of services, including the construction of shipyards. In private shipbuilding, Maierform Maritime Technology is known for its superyacht architecture, exterior design and engineering.

Cooperation with shipyards

The most successful relationships have been with Helsingor Skibsvaerft & Msk, Hellenic Shipyards and CRN.

Landmark projects

One of the most famous boats for Maierform was the 147-meter Prince Abdulaziz, built in 1984. For 2014, the vessel was the fifth largest superyacht in the world. She was built by order of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia.

The company has also developed the hull of a 116m semi-displacement yacht for Hellenic Shipyards, from which two boats - Atlantis (currently Issham Al Baher) and Atlantis II - were built. Both were commissioned by the Greek billionaire Stavros Niarchos.


The head office was located in Bremerhaven, Germany. The wide range of services provided by the company required a large staff. Unfortunately, Maierform Maritime Technology was unable to survive the global crisis and closed in 2008.