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Brand History

Kirk Lazarus did not plan to do design and perceived the work in this area as a hobby. At first he developed interiors for his offices and hotels, the projects were so successful that his hobby grew into another business area - the Molori Design studio with headquarters in New York. Later on, work in the maritime segment was added to the real estate design.


The word Molori means «dreaming», it is at the heart of the Molori Design philosophy. The master's work reflects the experience and vision of a man who has achieved the dream of luxury and is able to express his vision in material form, down to the smallest detail.

«I spend time traveling exploring new places, shops, ideas, finishes and fabrics so we can use them in our projects," says Kirk. - My lifestyle tells me what to do and what not to do. We are setting a new standard for luxury».


The studio designs the interior spaces for superyachts and tenders. Molori Design also creates interiors for hotels, private residences and aircraft.

Cooperation with shipyards

The yachting industry is not the main focus of the company. The studio has implemented less than a dozen projects on the water, but among the partners was noted such a landmark company as Benetti, which emphasizes the high status of American Molori.

Landmark projects

In 2011, the 44-meter Told U So was launched (currentlyMoka). The boat was one of the first for the studio, and Kirk managed to work together with the legendary Stefano Righini.

The team is .

Kirk's business covers several areas, he is also passionate about sports and devotes all his free time to design. The master is personally involved in each project and has gathered a strong team around him.

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