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The history of the brand

Stefano Righini Design Studio has long been known throughout the world and does not need advertising. The company's moneybox contains all significant awards from international exhibitions, and the number of completed projects exceeds 500. All this was made possible thanks to the legend of the yachting industry Stefano Righini and his talented team.


The style of the studio reads subtle taste, seasoned with moderate luxury. The master does not strive to create a pompous design, but presents wealth as everyday - things should not just please the eye, but also work.


Stefano Righini offers a full range of services including architecture creation, interior and exterior design, project support. The company's portfolio includes a wide range of boats from 15 meters in length. There are superyachts and small production models - flybridge and sport bridge yachts, indoor cruise boats and others.

Cooperation with shipyards

The company's most famous projects were semi-castompartment and custom-made. The studio established a close collaboration with Benetti and Azimut. For the latter team participates in the interior design of almost every boat in the Grande Collection series. A number of projects have been implemented for Overmarine.

Landmark projects

Stephano feels and understands the space perfectly, he easily manages to switch from small boats to large ones and back. One of the last small projects was the Azimut S6, which was the most anticipated premiere of 2018 in Cannes. At the same exhibition, the new Grande 25 Metri was presented, which is notable for its economy and sporting characteristics.

The team

Stefano Righini Design Studio is located in Viareggio. The master brings together specialists from different fields and personally manages each project.

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